A summary of some great stories from parents

As we have gained followers over the last 6 months, I wanted to highlight some great stories that fathers and mothers shared with us

How shared parental leave helped me to be the parent I want to be (Yash Puri)

Moving from singapore to zurich and becoming the primary caregiver and stay at home dad (Jason Chui)

My perception of what fatherhood should entail, stemmed largely from my late Father’s ways of parenting (Abdul Ali)

From Banking to Babies (Mathew Hamphire-Waugh)

Michael Ray scaled right back on his work commitments because “you never know what tomorrow holds” (Michel Ray)

The Professional School Run Dad (Ian Dinwiddy)

Travelling with a baby is a unique experience and I could write a book about it (Marian Zastawny)

“Why doesn’t your wife look after the children?” I was told it was unusual for men to work part time. The part time jobs were more for women (Jason Chui)

After my maternity leave ended, my husband did the changing, feeding, playing, walks in the park. He says that those three months were the best, and most exhausting, of his life (Susha Chandrasekhar)

A Mother’s view on Why the World Needs More Stay-At-Home Dads (Eleonore Maudet)

Blake Woodward said being a stay-at-home dad was “life-changing” (Blake Woodward)

The Sizzling Life: Stay-at-Home Dad (Dan Zevin)

This Stay-At-Home Mumbai Father is Challenging Gender Roles For Good!

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