about me

My story

I have been working in the corporate environment for 2 decades. I am married with two children and have a passion of keeping fit and performing on stage playing my drum
I am a keen CrossFit Athlete and found fitness when I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis in 2008 (fractured spine). I am also professional drummer, although the drums helped break my spine! Since becoming a father, it has been a challenge to keep up with these passions but with a supportive wife, anything is possible

The creation of Papa Penguin

Since the BBC News article of “Millennial men demand better parental leave” was published in November 2019, an amazing number of people have connected with me. Some had done the same thing and were glad to see it being talked about. But most had no idea that this was even an option and were excited by the possibilities
I want to show other parents that there are lots of options out there. It might be taking shared parental leave, or opting for flexible working, going part-time or staying full-time, but I believe that we need to hear more stories from people who’ve found a solution that works for them
I decided to start a blog where people can share their stories, and where others can discover options, ideas and reassurance that this can work. papapenguin.org was born!
Do you have a story? Get in touch to share it and inspire others. Papa Penguin is our community! Let’s share our stories