Avenir Consulting Why care? Podcast : Visible Fathering

Privileged to take part in Nadia Nagamootoo, Avenir Consulting Services Why Care? Podcast. Have a listen!

“In this episode Yash shares his story on how he was a pioneer in his company to make use of the UK shared parental leave policy introduced in 2015 and how his organisation reacted to it. Yash likes to make a point that his active and visible role as a father should not be considered remarkable and refuses to be called a role model. He gives us insights into what is unique about millennial fathers and sheds light on the special circumstances and social expectations in the Asian community”

“People would say ‘oh I heard you’re going on a long holiday?’ and I’m like, ‘No, no, no I’m not going on a long holiday!’ And that’s what people think it is – 3 months of fun! It’s not fun – it’s amazing, but it’s challenging”

Extract from Avenir Consulting website

Yash Puri has been working in the financial sector for 20 years and was one of the under 2% of entitled fathers, who decided to take 3 months of shared parental leave with his second child. He was featured in the widely shared BBC article “Millennial men demand better parental leave”and has since then founded the blog  and networking site Papa Penguin, where he shares many other stories of other dads taking an active role in raising their children and the impact on mother’s lives.

Together we explore what organisations can do to enable fathers to actively embrace caring for their children because, as Yash puts it, “Before you know it, they are not going to need you anymore.” I very much share his dream that one day the topic of gender division in parenting roles will hopefully not be a conversation for our children anymore.

Link to the podcast – https://www.avenirconsultingservices.com/podcast/why-care-4-yash-puri-visible-fathering

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