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Listen back to PapaPenguin on the Dad’s Panel. I talk about my experience of discipline from my parents, how we discipline our children and the infamous moral book my father started writing for us when we were children to help discipline us. That book still exists and the current authors are Dad, Younger Bro and me. I hope my children continue to add to it and take what they need from it.

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What type of discipline do you use? Determining which type of discipline is right for your family should be a personal choice based on your temperament, your child’s temperament, and your family’s discipline philosophies. There isn’t a single type of discipline that will work for all kids or all families and in every situation

  1. Positive Discipline:

Positive discipline is based on praise and encouragement. Instead of focusing on punishment, parents keep making discipline about teaching. Parents teach problem-solving skills and work with their child to develop solutions. Positive discipline uses family meetings and an authoritative approach to addressing behavior problems

2. Gentle Discipline:

Gentle discipline focuses on preventing problems. Redirection is often used to steer kids away from bad behavior. Kids are given consequences, but gentle discipline isn’t about instilling shame. Instead, parents often use humor and distraction. The focus of gentle discipline is about parents managing their own emotions while addressing a child’s misbehavior.

3. Boundary-based discipline

Boundary-based discipline focuses on setting limits and making the rules clear up front. Kids are then given choices and there are clear consequences for misbehavior, such as logical consequences or natural consequences.

4. Behavior modification

Behavior modification focuses on positive and negative consequences. Good behavior is reinforced with praise or rewards. Misbehavior is discouraged through the use of ignoring and negative consequences, like the loss of privileges.

5. Emotion coaching

Emotion coaching is a five step discipline process that focuses on teaching kids about feelings. When kids understand their feelings, they can verbalize them rather than act on them. Kids are taught that their feelings are okay and parents help teach them appropriate ways to deal with their emotions.

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