Blake Woodward said being a stay-at-home dad was “life-changing” (ABC News: Chris Taylor)

Blake Woodward knows how lucky he is. Sitting in a park in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the 37-year-old is playing with his three-year-old son Samuel and baby daughter Michaela. It is a familiar scene for the stay-at-home dad, who is also the primary carer for his kids. “It’s [been] life-changing, absolutely,” he said. “Just learning how to be a dad, a hands-on dad.” But it is not all fun and games.

An accountant by trade, Mr Woodward took seven months’ parental leave from the large firm he works at. So he decided to document his experience through his blog Suit Tie Stroller.

In it, he talks about fathers taking longer paternity leave, and how he believes it helps close the gender pay gap.

Experts agree with Mr Woodward and believe this disparity is the biggest sole reason for the 14 per cent gender pay gap, which is the equivalent of $445 million a week or $23 billion a year.

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By national education and parenting reporter Conor Duffy Posted 3 February 2020

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