Dads can multitask too – yes really!

While I’m cooking lunch for the kids, I’m on a work conference call, overseeing the little ones playing nicely together, thinking about the afternoons arts and crafts activities and managing to workout by wearing my weighted vest! Before this pandemic, there wasn’t really an opportunity where I could test my multitasking skills at full force! This is now an average Wednesday.

There’s a long standing belief that women multitask better than men. However, the studies used to prove that, were all inconsistent and had a minute variance using only small groups of participants. In fact, latest studies, following the train of thought that multitasking relates to muscle memory, has shown that men could become better at multitasking the more they do it.

Motherly, a blog dedicated to shining light on the trials, tribulations, and highlights of motherhood, published a blog that explains the survey’s findings. The study proved that women aren’t better multitaskers, they’re just expected to do more based on outdated and archaic societal standards.

I strongly believe multitasking is a mind set and a modus operandi, something you can train your mind to do.

A high 5 to all dads out there, if you can’t do this, you’d better get cracking at it. Studies are in. We are able. Let’s do this! A high 5 to all the mums too who have been doing multitasking so elegantly!

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