Fun with Father

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This is for you Daddies out there. By now your under-fives will be bored of their new toys or have broken them, and their exhausted mother will whisper, “Why don’t you ask Daddy to play?” Next you’re looking at their little faces, and them at you, wondering what to do. Here are a few ideas to get you playing. The Obstacle Course: Kids love moving, indoors or out, but they can’t yet follow verbal instructions. So make their pathway obvious with low obstacles and physical boundaries, and put an action reward at the end. The Simulator: Too tiny for a roller coaster? Replicate the thrill with a big-screen YouTube ride and a deep plastic tub you can easily hold and tilt. Add vocal sound effects to build the tension. The Art Machine: Messy art at home will exhaust Mummy more, so try this fun tablet app. Even toddlers can make beautiful designs with their fingers. Print them as gifts. The Choice Chart: Just like adults, kids want to choose. Whether for clothing, bath toys or snacks, present non-verbal charts of options. You can even put Mummy back in the picture for their choice of play-mate.

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