In February 2020, PapaPenguin took part in a CIPD focus group to help provide insights for employers based on employees’ experience of taking and returning from extended leave

This week CIPD published the report on Managing Extended Paternity Leave which is aimed at employers. Please do take a look and share amongst your networks if relevant.

This report presents recommendations from dads on what more employers could do to support extended paternity leave, as well as insights based on their experiences of both taking extended paternity leave and returning from it. It also recommends ways in which employers can ensure they are promoting an open culture where men feel they can take extended paternity leave.

The report has shown that men want to be treated the same as women when it comes to taking leave and returning to the workplace following time out to care for their child.

Also happy to see referenced as a “relevant organisation” in this publication

Link to the article

Some key metrics from the report

Men face barriers in taking extended paternity leave
• 73% of men surveyed believe there is a stigma attached to taking extended paternity leave
• 95% of men surveyed agreed that workplace culture needs to be transformed to
normalise men taking extended paternity leave.
• There appears to be a general lack of knowledge about shared parental leave schemes,
a perception that shared parental leave schemes are complicated to execute, and that
employers are unable or unwilling to widely promote them.
• 66% of men who had considered taking extended paternity leave cited money being a
concern, with financial drawbacks mainly linked to statutory paternity pay.
• 56% of men currently on extended paternity leave said they felt anxious about returning
to the workplace.
• Only 35% of dad returners felt confident they would get the same level of support from
their employer as a female employee returning from maternity leave.
Initiatives exist that can help dads return to work after a break
• 73% of men surveyed said that having information from employers on employment

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