Thank You to all the 2019 Contributors & The A-Z of the Festive Working Parents Survival Guide

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PapaPenguin was born on the Tuesday 19th November 2019 and what a busy month it has been. I never planned to create this site but after my feature on BBC News where I shared my story of taking Shared Parental Leave (one of the 2%), an amazing number of people have connected with me. Some had done the same thing and were glad to see it being talked about. But most had no idea that this was even an option and were excited by the possibilities. I decided to spread the message about the benefits of shared parental leave by creating a space where people can share their stories of balancing being a parent with having the career they want, or deciding to put their career on hold to be a stay-at-home parent.

Finding the balance

This is an issue that women have been dealing with for a long time, how to balance being a parent with going to work. But if more of us dads started to take more of that balancing act on our own shoulders, not only are we going to be more present, engaged parents, but we will be helping the women in our lives achieve their career goals too.

Share our stories

I want to show other parents that there are lots of options out there. It might be taking shared parental leave, or opting for flexible working, going part-time or staying full-time, but I believe that we need to hear more stories from people who have found a solution that works for them…stories from Papa Penguins and Mama Penguins. In the new year we will get more stories from Mama Penguins to add to the mix.

Thank you to all the 2019 contributors! You are all making a difference to someone out there reading your story. Have a fantastic festive break and see you in 2020.

I hope you like the fun festive survival guide I created (apologies to the non alcoholic drinkers out there….please replace B R V with Baubles, Roast and Visitors!)

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