the Emperor

I remember watching BBC's David Attenborough documentary Dynasties with “Emperor” following a waddle of Emperor Penguins as they perform one of the most complex and impressive examples of teamwork in the animal world!
I was amazed with what both mama and papa penguin did to breed and raise their kin. Women have always amazed me with how much they do but I had to turn to the animal kingdom to find my male role model. I was truly inspired by what the emperor penguin do!
There are few examples in nature of a father more dedicated than the emperor penguin. After the female lays the egg, her nutritional reserves become depleted and she must return to feed in the ocean for two months

This leaves the responsibility of keeping the egg warm through the freezing Antarctic winter to the father. The father spends two months holding the egg precariously between the tops of his feet and his brooding pouch, without feeding, throughout the brutal winter (when freezing winds can reach 120 mph).

If he moves too suddenly or the egg becomes exposed to the freezing temperatures, the chick will perish. But his dedication and his balance ensures the survival of a new generation

Papa Penguin was inspired by the Emperor Papa Penguin

Credits: ​Mother Nature Network