15 Reasons Dads Connect Better With Daughters

The vital importance of the mother’s role in raising children is universally acknowledged, as are the benefits for boys of having a male role-model at home or at school. But far less is said about fathers and daughters. This thoughtful, recently-updated article explores at length that very special bond, and lists 15 reasons why the connection a girl has with her dad, or with another father figure, matters so much to both. Interestingly, the article repeatedly points out how much the mother is still at the centre of the daughter-father relationship: because a young girl tends to identify with her mother, how her father behaves towards her mother is understood to be a reflection of how he feels about her. The early years is an especially fun time for fathers of girls, since dad can revel in demonstrating to her his prowess, power and mastery of the universe. In this cute example, a little girl is delighted by her father’s apparently supernatural powers to control a movie. In this second video, a very little girl is already practising her skills in feigning interest in a man’s hobby.


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